Greatness is a subjective quality: it means different things to different people. You might love Falmouth because you were born here, but does that make it a great town? You’re biased but entitled to your opinion. Or you were born somewhere else but have kind of adopted Falmouth because it’s cool. Is it the history of the place? Could be. Is it the famous people who come from Falmouth? That doesn’t do its image any harm, for sure.

But here’s an outlier for you: if a town aspires to greatness, it needs a top bagel shop and Falmouth MA has exactly that. We know, because we put it there. It’s The Bagel Dudes and when people do an internet search for Bagels Falmouth or even Bagel Falmouth (because life is too short to waste an s) they are going to be presented with this indisputable fact: we are here and bagels Falmouth MA (because life is too short to waste an in)are at least the equal of bagels anywhere else in this land, from sea to shining sea. Read More

Why Bagel Falmouth Should be the Title of a Song

It’s worth writing a song about this, and there are plenty of things that rhyme with bagel. There’s finagle, which means to obtain something by complicated means or trickery – no, scrap that, you’d have to explain it all the time. Eagle, then: that almost rhymes. Close enough for a rap song. And then you’re into seagull, which is a Falmouth kind of thing, and dayglo and J-Lo and Mabel. Falmouth, now that’s a hard one. Like, have you ever tried finding a rhyme for light bulb? It’s not going to happen.

Maybe you can use our address, 649 Main Street. Rhyme it with strange heat or Jane’s feet or something. Okay, this song is not going to win a Grammy, but it just might launch a musical career and then you’ll be able to eat bagels and drink coffee from our shop all day long.

Why do People Search for Bagels Falmouth?

Several reasons. Maybe they’re hungry and have this weird craving for a No Regrets bagel breakfast sandwich with its sausage, bacon, ham and cheese and sides of lox (that’s smoked salmon to you) and an egg. Obviously, you’re going to need a drink too: maybe a large, iced coffee or a peppermint hot chocolate – there are dozens of choices on the bagel and coffee menu. Espressos, Americanos, tea. So that’s one possible reason.

Other reasons for googling Bagel Shop Falmouth: let’s say someone asked you to meet them at the bagel shop and then said something about “dude”, but you didn’t quite catch it. You look it up and there it is: The Bagel Dudes. Of course! What else would it be?

What’s so Special About a Bagel Dudes Bagel in Falmouth

We bring you authentic New York-style bagels with cool fillings and schmears (hitherto unheard-of but destined to take the place of peanut butter and mustard in your mythology). Our bagels are what made America great and that, of course, includes Falmouth. If you’re in Massachusetts, you can also visit our Dennis Bagel Shop! Read Less

Bagel Shop

“Their bagel and coffee selection is top notch! Veterans can enjoy a dedicated parking spot as well.”

Google Review by Pamela Okerholm


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