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Why People Search for Coffee and Bagels Shop Near Me

There are times when a feeling overwhelms you. More than a want, more than a wish, this is a feeling of need. A need for sustenance, a requirement for nourishment, a craving for flavor. That is when people hit the internet and put in search terms such as bagel coffee shop near me or fresh bagels near me.

The term bagel shop probably sounds a little basic, but bagel lovers in Massachusetts know it’s a lot more than that. It certainly is for us, The Bagel Dudes, because people have been known to drool when they see our bagels menu.

Notice that the word near crops up in these search terms. That’s because when the craving strikes, the afflicted individual isn’t talking about some time in the future. They need a bagel shop, and they need it like yesterday. Well, today, and in a matter of minutes. You can hear them talking to their phone: “Find a bagel café near me” and the phone may or may not come up with the goods. That’s when things start to get messy.

There's Bagels in Massachusetts

You know how it is: you don’t want to get too specific, because as good as virtual assistants are, they’re not in the business of discussing things. If Siri or its Android equivalent with the less snappy name, Hey Google, hears you ask if there is a Bagel Dudes in the vicinity, it may give you one of its infuriating disclaimers. Something like, “I can’t find that term. Do you mean is there a bagel shop nearby?”

If artificial intelligence is really going to be put to good use, then maybe Siri’s smarter young sibling will add, “if that’s what you mean by in the vicinity, but that’s a kind of outdated phrase that people don’t use much anymore. Anyway, there’s a Bagel Dudes in Winter Park a couple of blocks away. How about that?” To which you may well reply, “Siri, you are so much more interesting than you used to be. How about meeting me at the nearest Bagel Dudes and I’ll buy you a cinnamon raisin and a French vanilla?” 

Stranger things have happened. Well actually they haven’t, but let’s have faith in science.

Why it’s Cool if Bagel Dudes is the Bagel Coffee Shop Near Me

Looking up bagel café near me will find you a bagel and a coffee, but it won’t necessarily find a great one, because Bagel Dudes is the best. It’s the same with breakfast bagels near me or bagel breakfast sandwich near me or even bagel Massachusetts. To do the job properly you have to include the dudes. Bagel Dudes near me: now that’s a recipe for success. We offer New York-style bagels in a wide assortment of flavors with some unique and profoundly tasty schmears, and our list of coffees runs from Almond Joy Mocha and House Decaf to Snickerdoodle and a whole lot more As for the bagels themselves, if you want something on the side, how about some lox (that’s what salmon is called in the bagel community), or bacon, or egg – or all three?

If you are unfortunate enough not to live near a Bagel Dudes, the only real answer is to move. Find a Bagel Dudes in Orlando and move into an apartment as close to it as possible and search for fresh bagels near me. You know it makes sense.

We’ve got bagel shops all over Massachusetts and Florida, so order online and come check us out. And ask Siri where fresh bagels near me are. Read Less


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