Like many US place names, Chatham was brought by British settlers, who presumably came from Chatham in Kent, a military base with an important dockyard 100 miles south of London. People like to be reminded of home, and there are obvious common elements in the maritime nature of Massachusetts’ own Chatham. One thing that both the Chathams lacked back in the day was a bagel shop because those were to be found exclusively in New York until comparatively recently. In fact, Chatham England still doesn’t have a restaurant devoted to this legendary foodstuff.

What this means for the hungry internet surfer is that when you search for bagel Chatham, you’re not going to get unnecessary and irrelevant hits from 4,000 miles away. That simplifies matters. What the magic words Bagel Chatham will find is The Bagel Dudes, because we are not just present in Chatham, we are very relevant in that we sell the best bagels you can get anywhere. Read More

What Makes the Humble Bagel so Popular?

Firstly, let’s deal with the word humble. The bagel has been around for hundreds of years and has acquired a certain sophistication over time. Just look at one: look at our Bagel As Is. This is no plain old slice of bread. Call a slice of the boring old white loaf humble if you wish, but the bagel is a noble thing; it looks fit and shapely. And it has flavor. Now dress it up just a little with poppy seeds, pumpernickel, sesame seeds or sundried tomato. Have the wholewheat version to add a little fiber. Then add some fillings and what you have is anything but humble. Magnificent, yes. From the Hot’n’Smokey breakfast bagel with its jalapeño cream cheese, bacon, and Sriracha to the vegetarian delight of egg whites, onions, peppers and cheese.

Consider, ladies and gentlemen of the jury, the lunchtime extravaganza that is New Blazin’ Buffalo: buffalo chicken salad, cheese, tomato and onion. Are these things humble? I put it to you that they are fine, nutritious giants of our age.

What about drinks with a Chatham Bagel?

Coffees like French Vanilla, Girl Scout Mocha and Peanut Butter Cup are not your run-of-the-mill concoctions. This is a bagel menu that has been thought about. You can see customer opinions being taken into account and refinements being made with the aim of providing the best coffee and bagel experience anyone in Chatham has ever, um, experienced.

Why Choose Chatham?

Why not choose Chatham? It’s a fine town and it’s in Massachusetts, where we have a big presence. There must be Brits who come here on vacation, checking out the town that shares the name of theirs back in what for some reason they call Blighty. They will be lobbying their local politicians, campaigning for The Bagel Dudes to cross the Atlantic and give them what they enjoyed so much here.

The reality is, it’s good to be an American, particularly in a place where googling Bagel shop in Chatham gets results like this. Read Less

Bagel Shop

“Their bagel and coffee selection is top notch! Veterans can enjoy a dedicated parking spot as well.”

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