Educators teaching English to people who already speak another language find there are all sorts of issues the student wants to understand. Politeness is one: English is regarded as a very polite language, and they want to know a simple rule of thumb. And there is one: it’s all to do with the number of words you use. Consider finding bagels in Cape Cod, for instance. The question is basically “Where can I get bagels in Cape Cod?”, but we tend to dress it up and the more words we use, the more polite we sound. “Excuse me. Do you happen to know where I can find fresh bagels near here?”

Internet searches are not like that, even in English. Online, everything can be stripped to the bare bones because we’re not talking to a person, just an algorithm, which is not going to be offended when we put in cape cod bagels.

That’s precisely what a search engine needs to be told: just the bare essentials. You don’t say please and thank you to Google or the others. They’re programmed not to cooperate if you use cuss words, but other than that, the more economical you are, the more hits you’re likely to get. Bagel shop Cape Cod finds you all the shops, Cape Cod bagels will get you some action and will do just fine.

If you walk into the local tourist information office and say bagel breakfast sandwich, you’re likely to be greeted with raised eyebrows. Who do you think you’re talking to? But the algorithm doesn’t go home to its family and moan about how rude people are. Read More

Why Dudes is the Important Word for Bagels in Cape Cod

If you want the best bagels in Cape Cod, you’ll have to use a few extra words because that means you’re looking for us, so The Bagel Dudes Cape Cod is the precise phrase you need. But then, there are people – sad, unfortunate people – who don’t know about The Bagel Dudes They have never tried one of our sumptuous breakfast bagels. They will have to take the search engine’s list and will probably just look for which is the nearest. Amateurs. Losers.

They don’t know there are such things as Jalapeno pepper bagels or French toast bagels or cinnamon and raisin ones. They don’t know you can get fillings like chorizo, egg, cheese, and sriracha hot sauce (that’s called Hot Dotty btw) or egg whites, onions, peppers, tomatoes, and cheese, AKA The Veg Out.

But hey, don’t feel guilty about this. Just because you’re in the know and they are not, that doesn’t make you a bad person. It makes you a lucky one. And if you want to do your bit to foster international relations, if you see someone who seems hungry and looks like they don’t speak English, just walk up to them and say “ The Bagel Dudes, Amigo”, or mon ami or mein Freund, and mention the street it’s on. That will be your good deed for the day. If you’re in in the mood for a bagel while you’re in Massachusetts, you can also visit our Dennis Bagel Shop! Read Less

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“Their bagel and coffee selection is top notch! Veterans can enjoy a dedicated parking spot as well.”

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