The rise of bagels as a breakfast option has been a dramatic one, and we at The Bagel Dudes are proud to play a leading part in it. Breakfast has been a problem for human beings since the days when cavemen struggled to get a fire going to whip up a quick brontosaurus egg omelet. Because the trouble with breakfast is that it falls at some unearthly hour, when we’ve got more important things to do, like waking up and facing the world. Who has time to start boiling water for a hot drink and opening cereal packets, let alone cooking things?

No, it’s too much too soon, and the sensible thing to do is order a bagel and a coffee, so you get the phone out and order a bagel breakfast sandwich. Much more civilized. Fortunately, if we’re talking bagels Dennis, you have the benefit of the presence of The Bagel Dudes, because we’re right here. Let the uninitiated search for breakfast bagels near me, but you, as a person of taste and discernment, already know about The Bagel Dudes, and you know where your nearest one is, so you can place your order while the others are still hunting. That puts you at an instant advantage. The only thing that might slow you down is making decisions from the huge choice of bagels, schmears and coffee. It’s called the agony of choice, but you can handle it and it’s a lot better than having no choice. Read More

Which Bagel Breakfast Sandwich in Dennis, MA is Right for Me?

That, o esteemed customer, is not for us to say. It’s your breakfast, your body, your taste buds and your choice. You can go for The Regular, which is all good stuff: eggs or egg white and cheese. Or you can start the day as you mean to continue with something more sophisticated. How about a Hot Dotty, which is chorizo, egg, cheese and sriracha, the tastiest of hot sauces? If your diet is more specialized, there’s the Veg Out – egg whites, onions, peppers, tomato and cheese. Who said vegetarians can’t have fun?

If you’ve already had fun, and perhaps too much of it, The Hangover can set you on the road to recovery with its egg, bacon, sausage, onions, peppers and cheese, while at the other end of the scale, think of the goodness contained in cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber, tomato and lettuce. That’s called Super Nova, and it can have you reaching for the stars, feeling like a million dollars.

What’s the Story of The Bagel Dudes in Dennis, MA?

We opened our first bagel shop in 2015 to take New York-style bagels and coffee to the world, and we have concentrated on Massachusetts because we like Massachusetts. No disrespect to the rest of the country, but Mass. including Dennis appealed to us, and we established ourselves here. It’s a Bagel Dudes kind of place.

Now, what can we get for you today from our bagel shop in Dennis, MA? The Hot’n’Smokey has jalapeno cream cheese and bacon with sriracha. Yes? And to drink? If you’re near Massachussetts, you can also visit our Falmouth Bagel Shop! Read Less

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“Their bagel and coffee selection is top notch! Veterans can enjoy a dedicated parking spot as well.”

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